Buying Shared “Leads” is like Drinking Really Cheap Wine……There’s Always A Headache Later.

What happened to the good old days?

You paid to get your name & number in the yellow pages & when people called you had a shot to earn their business or not?


1) “Leads” are a Bad Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Tired of price shoppers out kicking the tires and wasting your time on the phone? You know better than anyone that the leads you get from these directory services are almost always that caliber. While it might seem like you’re getting a lot of leads with these services, what you’re actually getting is a lot of people wasting your time.

With these competitive leads, it can take many phone calls to reach the homeowner, and only a handful of these people agree to an initial appointment. Let’s say that you’re paying $40 per lead. When lead quality is poor, it could take you 10 leads before you get a job, making your cost to acquire a new customer $400. If you only make $200 on that job, you’re losing money!

You can look at the ROI of purchased leads from service directories in two ways. On the one hand, you’re paying money and in exchange, getting leads. Pretty good deal, right? But on the other hand, the leads that you’re getting are just a name and a number of someone who may or may not be in need of your services.

A quick search on Google will quickly bring up hundreds of pages of home service professionals complaining about getting ripped off by lead service directories, like HomeAdvisor. The bottom line is that these lead sources are just not worth it.

Your Saying It Makes Sense…… but consumer’s nowadays are already going to look for your reviews first, call multiple companies themselves, & get quotes anyway.  So what’s the difference really?

Customer Experience & Satisfaction. It’s 2017.  Everything’s Online.

Social Media & our cell phones make up an alarming amount of our time, or at least our clients time.

When YOU are the company the customer called & didn’t have to jump through hoops to get some answers with….

When YOU are the company the customer called & YOU were the company that called back after YOU MISSED THEIR call…

When YOU are the company the customer called & YOU were the company that THEY  called…….. not the other way around…

YOU…………………………… AUTOMATICALLY become different than the OTHER COMPANIES & stick out in customer’s minds.

Another Issue 

Home Adviser recently changed their name from Service Magic.  Why?

Many say that it’s to hide from their bad reputation.  I mean, why else would you throw away years of building a well known brand?

Taken from the Home Advisor Website:  “We changed our name to reflect our commitment to being the #1 resource for home improvement tips, advice and connections.”

I have to admit, it’s a much better name and it will help them resonate with home owners.  They are now branding themselves as an advisor which is more authoritative than just  a magical service provider.

Whether or not they have a good reason to change their name, it still looks bad to those who have had a negative experience working with HA.

They also just paid $500 million for ANGIE’S LIST.


  • Your giving  some rights to your brand with those guys.    In the terms of service, it clearly states that HA can use any information on your profile to direct links to their site.  This essentially allows them to use your name to promote their business.
  • Bad leads.  I’ve received several leads that were just people price shopping with no interest of actually hiring anybody.  Sometimes, leads won’t even answer the phone.  In some cases a refund will be granted, but I’ve still paid for several bad leads.
  • It Always Get’s More Expensive. They have to show their shareholder’s a month over month – year over year profit.
  • Leads for bigger jobs are expensive.
  • Leads for commercial jobs are more expensive.
  • Leads for installs..more expensive.                 And they are all still shared leads.                                  Unless…. you want the exact match leads (more semi exclusive still shared?).You guessed it (or already know most likely.  More Expensive.



     Why Pay to Attract The Wrong Customers?

The leads you get from these lead generating directory companies are all from people who are looking for to get the most quotes & trained by these lead directories to get the most out of you for the least money.?

Only 22% of homeowners hire the first person to give them a quote. The other 78% call up to 6 contractors for quotes, even though you’ve paid for that shared lead. This lead pool is full of customers who will continue to shop around and never become a repeat customer. This approach is not working to grow your word-of-mouth business.

The Good News Is…….

…….When you work with a company that generates exclusive leads for YOU & YOU ALONE  the game changes

Think About The Difference – Common Sense Really…..

  1. No Outbound calling……or having the ready to jump on the next text message that comes through.
  2. You get a fair shot to earn that customers business.  Not every customer will be the perfect fit for your busIness.  The word of most importance is..OPPORTUNITY.
  3. Save money – By Half in Most Cases 
  4. Save TIME – Your’ Tech’s Time, Gas, Company Time, Customer’s Time….Your Time As The HVAC Business Owner.
  5. Lifetime Customer Value & Retention.  Whether you do it in house or you ask us to do it for you….. isn’t that the name of the game.  Everyone knows the money is in the repeat business.


Word Of Mouth.

The 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Time that customer came back to you for a service.


What we do is………

Pump up Your Close Rate by 90% With Exclusive HVAC Leads

Buy Heating & AC Contractor Sales Leads – Buy Exclusive Guaranteed Qualified Sales Leads actively looking for new Heating contractors, Air Conditioning, and HVAC service. If you’re looking for serious, ready to buy HVAC leads that are presently looking for help with AC, heat pumps, furnaces, and water heaters, we can help. Every month we capture hundreds sales leads for HVAC needs. These prospects are looking for installation and repairs for heating and cooling needs. Unlike other solutions our leads are exclusive to one HVAC company, so you’ll never fight against others on pricing.

—This Service Available For Local and National HVAC Companies


This is not a sweepstakes campaign, or any other practice to lure unsuspecting business people in to completing a form. Every prospect you speak with will be engaged and/or have been looking at reviews, comparing prices, and are now ready to be sold by the best company.

  • Sales Leads For HVAC Companies
  • Residential and Commercial HVAC Sales Leads
  • Leads for Heating Contractors
  • Leads For Air Conditioning Contractors

A HVAC contractor is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Contractor. As most modern homes have all these systems an HVAC contractor specializes in all three of these functions. You know HVAC, and we know l

Real Time Delivery = We Forward The Phones Directly To YOU.

                             Get YOUR phones Ringing.  

Qualified Sales Leads For Heating and AC Companies

  • HVAC Contractor Sales Leads are matched automatically to Suppliers Based off of your Services and Budget.
  • Pay-Per-Lead. Leads are delivered in Real Time.
  • Month-to-Month. No long term contracts.
  • $500.00 Set Up Fee (one time)
  • Leads are exclusive to 1 HVAC, Heating, or AC contractor.

Develop your HVAC Lead Pipeline (Acquire New Client Acquisitions)

  • HIGH QUALITY: No sales gimmicks and no teasers used. Only pay for HVAC CALLS not “leads”. Real people with real interest.
  • Highest Conversion Rate:: Our target market is users who are looking to connect with ONE company by going out OF THEIR WAY TO NOT USE THE DIRECTORY SITES. Customers really do want a siimple hassle free experience.
  • FLEXIBLE: You define the how many leads you want and what kind.
  • QUANTIFIABLE: Measure the ROI of your overall campaign from the first lead.
  • PRICING: Fixed Pricing. Always know exactly how much each lead will cost. No surprises.

We connect thousands of business owners to buyers every month – How it Works

Accelerated Growth Enterprises owns or has a an agreement in place with the wideest array of internet assets, including the highest converting paid ad campaigns (were talking in house brands – our course were going to make it as cheap as we can for US), niche websites, & over 100 brand campaigns that ARE GENERATING CALLS RIGHT NOW in the TOP 50 markets nationwide.

DOES THAT MEAN YOU CAN JUST SIGN UP & GET CALLS? Most of the Time but No Promises There

We love small business & think Home Services is where the most influence can be made to truly bring back the local economies.

One way or another we do everything we can,  more than anyone other company to make sure you grow.  Ok..Everyone says that.  True.

  But can they prove it?

I’ll show you my call tracking……….I generated  over a 1 MILLION DOLLARS in business in 2 citites in Florida alone in the last 12 months.  Each 12 month period.  On less than a 100K a year spend…..For 2 companies.

I have the case studies………..

I don’t charge you up front.  I just want a shot to prove it to you.  All I ask for is agreement to be my local partner.  I’ll send you the calls, give you a weekly report & bill on Friday’s.

No calls?  No charges.

I just want to know that……. if I put in the time, effort, capital, & energy to generate to find the customers that just want to connect with a local business without all the hassle…….I have a local partner that can take the calls & make it a win/win situation for all parties.

Let’s be real….You, just like the rest of society, are BOMBARDED WITH SALES MESSAGEs EVERYDAY ALL DAY.  As a Home Services Provider it’s bad.  Emails, text, calls, etc.  Sometimes more than 10 times a day.

That’s why I invite you to let me prove to you what we’re doing to level the playing field & help justify the balance of power in YOUR local market.

Our philosophy is simple:  If I just do it for you for little to no money,  flat out impress & amaze you then we can get down to the real business……

What’s your number?

What’s the amount of growth & revenue that you desire and would be happy with in your business?

Contractor’s are standing up & speaking out nationwide

You can either ask for the more info email by clicking here. We won’t spam you or send you more than 1 email a week & if you see an email from ACCELERATED GROWTH ENTERPRISES it’s pure content & no sales pitch OR you can schedule a time to speak with us Exclusive Partner Discovery

You can also sign up here or just call me (813) 642-7298.

P.S.  Thank you for reading this article.  As a token of grattitude for your time………………Here’s a free way to get leads that no one else will just flat out give to you.  I appreciate your time & want to make sure you AT THE VERY LEAST make a few bucks from reading this article.


(In the next couple of years the “Lead Sites” that are getting greedy & ruining the customer experience are going to PROBABLY BE OUT OF BUSINESS.)

The Next level.

There’s a good chance that by the time you read this your territory is already taken & the exclusive calls that WE GUARANTEE  are accounted for.

I’m Going to say it Again…..WE’RE NOT HERE TO SELL YOU LEADS OR CALLS…… so we took it to the next level & created a platform that literally costs us more money to run than we ask from you.Ask me about that when we hopefully talk soon.

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